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Final Escape

This is whathappens when i'm bored in the morning. ^^;;

The Basics
Name: Rebecca (Becca )
Actual Age: 16
Estimated Maturity Age: 18
Gender: Female
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Do you think your sign fits you?: It does to a certain extent. As I can be extremely impulsive at times, and quick to anger. Though if there is an important descion to make, I will think it through alot.

About You
Likes: Summer, drawig, reading, writing, singing, playing around on my cell phone, Joking around with my friends and listening to music.
Dislikes: Liars, hypocrits, chatspeak, being broke, people who show up late and people who are wuss's.
Hobbies and/or Talents: Drawing, Writing, Soccer, Tai Kwan Doe, Karate and crosswords x3.
Bad Habits: Biting my nails, insulting people whenever I get the chance, using humour and sarcasm as a defence against a bad situation.

Pick One
So is that glass over there half empty of half full? Well if it's got liqour or Coke in it, you can bet it won't be half full for long. >3
You a day person or a night person? Day. I can do more things.
Do you plan or just act? I act like I have a plan. x3
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert

Philosophical Stuffs
If you were stuck in an RE-like situation what one weapon would you like to have? Anything that is loud and does lotsa damage.
What one object do you think describes/represents you the best? Blah probably a Bandage, form and strong, to keep all pain and emotion in.

No more than 4 decent, PG pictures of yourself if you have them/feel comfortable sharing.
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Sorry for the crap quality. My webcam is a pain. x.x
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