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Final Escape

The Basics
Name: Lizi
Actual Age: 21
Estimated Maturity Age: Typically, I act the age of the people I'm with. I can act like a kid, but I can be pretty adult, too.
Gender: Female.
Zodiac sign: Gemini.
Do you think your sign fits you?: Sometimes, sure.

About You
Likes: Music, hockey, family and friends
Dislikes: Bad music, baseball, people who don't know a good friend if it bites them in the apt end.
Hobbies and/or Talents: I can sing, write and act.
Bad Habits: I bite my nails and have a tendency to pick my teeth a bit. And I twitch a lot.

Pick One
So is that glass over there half empty of half full?
Depends on what mood I'm in. Right now, though? Half-full.
You a day person or a night person?
A night person, definitely.
Do you plan or just act?
Depends on the situation. If it warrants planning, I plan. If not, I can be spontaneous.
Introvert or extrovert?
I'm very extroverted.

Philosophical Stuffs
If you were stuck in an RE-like situation what one weapon would you like to have?
Who wouldn't want the magnum?
What one object do you think describes/represents you the best?
One object? A speaker. I can be loud, I can be quiet and sometimes I can just be shut off.
No more than 4 decent, PG pictures of yourself if you have them/feel comfortable sharing.
I have one...
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