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Final Escape

The Basics
Name: Dana Lynn Wilson
Actual Age: 18
Estimated Maturity Age: 25
Gender: Female
Zodiac sign: Aries
Do you think your sign fits you?: Yes. Leadership is a big thing with me

About You
Likes: Animals, being around people, sometimes a maverick, exercise, animation, art
Dislikes: disobediance, roudiness, liars, uncalled for betrayl
Hobbies and/or Talents: Art, defenseive in Kendo Battling
Bad Habits: Bite my nails, clenching my jaw

Pick One
So is that glass over there half empty of half full? Half Empty
You a day person or a night person? Night
Do you plan or just act? Plan
Introvert or extrovert? Introvert, I suppose

Philosophical Stuffs

If you were stuck in an RE-like situation what one weapon would you like to have?

I need a shot gun. The little hand guns aren't as relieving as a shotgun would be. A rifle with a scope would be nice for all the snipe shots, too. A TMP wouldn't be bad, either honestly if given enough clips.

What one object do you think describes/represents you the best?


No more than 4 decent, PG pictures of yourself if you have them/feel comfortable sharing.

Click to view this Picture in Fullsize :

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Click to view this Picture in Fullsize : Not So Emo

Top one is the most recent.

Rate me please!

I'd like to be Leon, actually. I just love that sexy piece of man oh-so-much <3 He's my hero.

OH just for fun xD

I went to Anime Expo and someone dressed up as Leon. And it was a -perfect- cosplay. So I went up to him and asked him if I could hug and I accidentally uttered "Y-you're my hero" I dunno if he heard, but oh well x) It was awesome.

So what do -you- guys think, eh??

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