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Resident Evil Rating Community

Ready, Aim, Fire

R_E_Ratings: Will you escape?
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Hello all and welcome to the Resident Evil Game Rating Community. Here you'll be asked to fill out a survey that will be used to decide which of the characters from the RE game series you are most like. You may also be asked for a picture which you have every right to chose not to give. You also need not answer any questions you don't want to. Hope you enjoy.


1. Put "Final Escape" as your entry title.
2. Please no cosplay photos or character avatars. (I have seen people seriously put "I am +character+" on their avatar)
3. If you can, please try to include a bit of a reason to your vote. People generally like knowing why.
4. Please have played the games or know them to some degree. I mean, if you haven't gotten around to playing ClaireALeonB yet, that's fine. If you've only watched your brother play half of Code Veronica, that's a different story.
5. If you disagree with your vote wait a month to clear everyone's minds and you may reapply once. Look at the reasons and your answers and try to watch your wording more the second time around.
6. Cut your survey.

\-Who Can You Be?-/

You can be anyone from the Resident Evil game series. If I don't have a stamp for whoever you get rated as I'll make one. Just don't go TOO nuts with characters. No voting someone as Zombie #4.


The Basics
Actual Age:
Estimated Maturity Age:
Zodiac sign:
Do you think your sign fits you?:

About You
Hobbies and/or Talents:
Bad Habits:

Pick One
So is that glass over there half empty of half full?
You a day person or a night person?
Do you plan or just act?
Introvert or extrovert?

Philosophical Stuffs
If you were stuck in an RE-like situation what one weapon would you like to have?
What one object do you think describes/represents you the best?

No more than 4 decent, PG pictures of yourself if you have them/feel comfortable sharing.

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